2015 Healthcare Issues

PwC pinpointed the top healthcare issues that will shape the industry’s 2015 agenda. The main themes focus on learning from successes to enhance overall care quality, and leveraging technology to support both patients and providers. Some of these themes will likely extend beyond 2015, but for now, these are the top issues:2q

  1. Do-it-yourself healthcare
  2. Leap from mobile app to medical device
  3. Balancing privacy and convenience
  4. High-cost patients spark innovations
  5. Putting a price on positive outcomes
  6. Open everything to everyone
  7. Getting to know the newly insured
  8. Scope of practice expands
  9. Redefining well-being for millennials
  10. Partner to win

Are there any more pressing healthcare issues to add or replace for 2015? Can one solution solve more than one of the issues listed? Let us know what you think below.

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Top Health Industries Issues for 2015