Biosciences and Big Data in 2020

Today, we are firmly embedded within the Information Age where data is generated en masse from a variety of sources in the life sciences and related fields like wearable devices, genomics data, health exposure data, and more.

Industry leaders have long spoken of the potential of the “Big Data” era in which we find ourselves. While the precise opportunities for each industry may vary, all rely on talented data professionals to properly gather, interpret, and make actionable use of the overwhelming supply of readily available data at the disposal of organizations.

Organizations in biosciences, in particular, stand to reap considerable benefits in myriad ways, some of the more prominent being health, environmental studies, earth observation, and human population genomics.

Though the value of harnessing big data’s power is abundantly clear, often, there is a gap between data collection and processing that many organizations are currently entrenched in addressing.

A new wave of promising, innovative tools and technologies are continually emerging, carrying with them the potential to radically transform the speed, quality, and ease with which organizations are able to make use of data, drive more informed strategies, and ultimately deliver greater outcomes.

Even with the presence of these incredibly powerful tools, data management and data science practices still require a lot of manual work. But not for long. Already well under by midway through 2020, the future of data will become increasingly utilized through automation, AI, and machine learning. To expedite this transformation and capture the full potential of big data sooner, many organizations are already investing heavily in building and acquiring ever-more capable automation tools and services.

As the availability of new and improved analytic algorithms, models, and methods necessary for large-scale adoption arises, the demand for data science professionals who know how to wield and deploy them also rises. It’s estimated that data science skills alone will drive a 27.9% rise in employment through 2026.

With this surge in demand, naturally, comes heated competition among organizations in a variety of life sciences fields for the best and brightest in data talent.

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