Could an App Called Pager be the Future of Telemedicine in the US?

Launched on May 8, 2014, an application called Pager has the potential to change the telemedicine industry. Pager uses the Internet and mobile devices to provide medical care to those in need directly in their homes within two hours. These on demand house calls have been successful so far, gaining a new round of funding that totals to $24 million, and plans to extend to major regions throughout the United States by the end of next year.

Pager’s direct competitor, Heal, has a similar goal but provides services within one hour and includes a flat rate of $99, rather than Pager’s varying costs. One of Pager’s creators, Oscar Salazar, highlights the difference between the Pager and Heal business models. Pager not only includes doctors and physicians, but also utilizes nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and others. “If I have a stomachache, I can choose to see a specialist and pay hundreds of dollars. If I see a nurse practitioner, it costs less,” Salazar said. “We’re making it more efficient.”