Epocrates Revenue Dip Leads to Rebranding of Flagship Product

EpocratesA recent initiative by Epocrates to update and re brand their products aims to turn around the recent decline in revenue amidst a healthcare system turning towards digital health resources. Products such as Epocrates Essentials, provides physicians with access to test results, drug & disease monographs, test costs and more, are experiencing a low renewal rate in customer subscriptions, a trend Athenahealth is looking to address. According to HealthLeaders Media, roughly 90% of hospitals still cannot allow patients to view online, download, or transmit health information, despite having the required EHR components. Health Tech companies, such as Athenahealth, have the opportunity to bridge the gaps between physicians and patients, and reshape the healthcare system. Athena is planning to implement greater functionality into their new Epocrates application, allowing physicians to login, download and secure text about their patients. Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush said the innovations “can move the computing activities of physicians to a better place, a better economic time and template, time based and geographic place than the clunky EMRs that have to comply with government (regulations) and be more of a strict record”.

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