FAQ – Recruiting vs. Staffing

What does a Recruiting Firm do?

Recruiting firms generally focus on placing manager positions or above inside of companies. This means the hiring process is more hands on and the search for excellent candidates is more thorough, as recruiting firms will often interview or prepare a handful or candidates before sending them to interview with the company looking to hire.

• What does a Staffing Firm do?

Staffing firms usually fill more routine or temporary positions which typically mean that the firm has a bank of candidates to choose from if a firm needs to hire quickly. Candidates are matched by their skill sets as they pertain to a given position.

• Why do companies partner with recruiting/staffing firms?

Researching and finding qualified candidates is a time-consuming process which most companies do not want to focus personnel resources on. By hiring a recruiting firm, the process is shortened, and the time spent hiring is focused and better increases the chances of filling positions.

• What is the difference between Industry specific recruiters & General recruiters?

In some industries, specialized employee searches are not necessary and offer the possibility of hiring general recruiting firms to find candidates. However, in such a highly regulated field, such as healthcare, industry specific recruiting firms with an understanding of qualifications, certifications, etc. will be able to better pinpoint candidates and meet the requirements of the job.