HCRI Launches 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide

Healthcare Recruiters International recently launched the 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide, which features:

  • Salary ranges and descriptions for 25+ healthcare marketing roles
  • Comprehensive insight into current hiring trends
  • The industry outlook for 2017
  • Resources for both job seekers and employers.

Our guide provides you with actionable information that can help improve your approach to building a recruiting strategy for the coming year. You’ll also gain insight as to how you can attract and retain the top talent in healthcare marketing. Our salary range estimates are based on research and regularly collected data and subsequent analysis. Our team is excited to provide healthcare marketing industry trends and salary insight to our clients and candidates nationwide. As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, it’s critical to remain up-to-speed on the latest trends. With this information, you have a better understanding of what’s making talent move within the market.


About HCRI’s 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide

HCRI’s connections within the healthcare industry are truly unmatched, and that’s why we are able to put together comprehensive guides like this one. This guide represents an accumulation of years of observations and knowledge gained through first-hand experience and recruiting. With this guide you can better position your organization in the marketplace and ensure the salaries you offer are competitive. This, in turn, will help you attract better talent and win more battles for talent.


With this Salary Guide, you can:

  • Determine Healthcare marketing salary ranges for dozens of top positions
  • Understand the trends affecting Healthcare marketing salaries, including in demand skills and talent shortages
  • Get exclusive insight into the 2017 hiring environment for Healthcare marketing
  • Learn more about HCRI and how we can be a resource for your company

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Access the 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide here.


NOTE: this salary guide is directed towards marketing salaries WITHIN the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY specifically.


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