Healthcare Information Technology Mergers and Acquisitions: Is Your Company Prepared for the Future?

It’s known as the sale shaking up the Electronic Health Records (EHR) sector.

On January 8, 2018, Allscripts, a global leader in healthcare technology, announced a definitive agreement to acquire Practice Fusion, a leading cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform for $100 million.

While a merger or acquisition like this makes headline news, it actually isn’t that uncommon in the healthcare information technology (HIT) industry. After all, this Healthcare IT News article outlines 26 major mergers and acquisitions that took place in the world of healthcare in 2017 alone.

What does this mean? The next big sale, merger, or acquisition could be right around the corner. And when that happens, will your company be ready?

The reality is that healthcare companies who rely on technology to stay ahead of the game need to stay ahead of the game by finding a business partner that can help continually staff their business needs to keep operations running smoothly.

That’s where HCRI comes into play—and why we’re a top-ranked healthcare recruiting company.

HCRI specializes in recruiting hard-to-fill and critical healthcare industry jobs that require expertise and insight to fill. We help healthcare organizations and companies within the healthcare space find the ideal professionals to help their business grow. Our Healthcare IT recruiters have experience working in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare-focused businesses. This background allows us to identify those candidates that have the technical expertise and IT credentials your organization requires.

We leverage our industry experience and worldwide network of candidates to help our clients hire and retain only the finest HIT talent for their organizations. We understand that the successful completion of your organization’s IT projects largely depend on the team you have running them.

And we do it fast. In the world of healthcare technology staffing and recruiting, it can take time—sometimes several months or longer, to find skilled healthcare IT workers to fill in-demand positions. These positions are often critical to the success of an organization.

At HCRI, we have a goal of completing all of our engagements in six weeks by following our proven four-phased process:

1. Consultation
2. Sourcing
3. Interviews
4. Offer


For every search, our recruiters create a customized recruiting plan that is tailored towards our clients’ unique needs. We’ll help you through the whole process, from intake to final offer, to make sure you’re hiring the best talent; or we can simply identify and present you with the top talent for your organization, from a role and company culture perspective.

As a premier leader in Healthcare technology recruiting, Healthcare Recruiters International’s goal is to improve healthcare by developing connections between specialty talent, top companies, and organizations within the medical and healthcare technology marketplace. We also get to know your organization’s culture and values, so we can help you hire someone who has the right technical skills, soft skills, and fits in to the organizations mission and values.

Because—as 2017 proved—the next healthcare technology sale, merger, or acquisition is likely just around the corner. When it arrives, will your staff be ready for potential changes?


Don’t let the next technology disruption disrupt your business.