IMS Health Launches Two Apple Watch Apps

Wearable devices continue to gain momentum in the medical technology industry this year. On a previous post, we discussed how companies such as Apple and Google were in the process of partnering with healthcare startups and building the Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. Complications arise as more devices are being pushed into the medical field, however, the technological boom is taking over. ABI Research has projected that by 2016, there will be more than 100 million wearable wireless medical devices used annually.

130.7 million Wearable devices expected to be sold globally by 2018
South China Morning Post

Not only are doctors benefitting from these wearable devices, but patients, sales reps, and executives are also getting involved. IMS Health, the global healthcare information services company, has recently been working on a new “ecosystem” of devices called IMS HealthWear that are intended to support different roles in pharmaceutical care. Other health apps such as Medisafe, HealtheLife, and drchrono have been created for the Apple Watch, but IMS Health is the first promising one to address specific professions in the industry. Specifically, on June 8, 2015, the IMS HealthWear platform launched the IMS RepWear and IMS MGRWear apps for the Apple Watch, with more to come in the future. A list of these new apps is below:

  1. IMS RepWear: Sales Representatives are able to access their own schedules and keep up with data and performance rankings
  2. IMS MGRWear: Territory Sales Managers are able to have a 360 view of their sales reps in action
  3. IMS EXECWear: Pharmaceutical Executives will be able to use this device as a simplified business intelligence dashboard to help them make better decisions
  4. IMS DOCWear: Physicians will be able to keep up with industry changes and receive updated information from partners
  5. IMS CAREWear: Patients will be able to use this to engage their care team

These apps will transform the Apple Watch into a productive tool for medical wearable devices. Principal analyst and founder Ray Wang of Constellation Research, Inc. describes this as “an early breakthrough for wearables in enterprise healthcare.” Ultimately, the IMS HealthWear platform has tremendous potential for all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry this year and beyond.