Need for Online Healthcare Providers Skyrocketing: Why You May Want to Consider Signing Up

Over the past few months, we’ve written extensively about the prevailing state of behavioral health in the US due to the pandemic and the resulting surge in telehealth delivery.

A KFF tracking poll conducted in Mid-July found that 53% of adults across the US reported worsened mental health, a 21% jump from the findings from March when the poll was first conducted. 

This phenomenon, combined with the general avoidance of office visits for most health concerns unless absolutely necessary, led to a surge of telehealth visits. For example, in 2019, telehealth accounted for less than 2% of primary care visits but skyrocketed to 35% from April to June of this year. 

Another study found that telemedicine visits reached a peak in April, accounting for 69% of total encounters. While that percentage has settled down over the past few months, telemedicine remains well above pre-pandemic levels. So much so, in fact, that online platforms simply can’t hire enough providers to meet demand. 

For example, BetterHelp, an online e-counseling platform, is experiencing an average of 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) sign-ups a day.

To meet the increasing health needs of the public, we simply need more providers participating in online platforms, and the benefits for those who do are many. 

We’ll cover a few of the major reasons so many providers are choosing to partner with online platforms below. 

Supplement Your Income

One of the biggest perks of signing up for a platform like BetterHelp is that you can work as much or as little as you’d like. 

Already working at a practice or running your own? No problem. You can increase the number of patients you see as it fits your schedule. 

Looking to make it your full-time job? Even better. There’s no shortage of work available for those looking to take full advantage of online platforms. 

All the Extra Work is Already Done for You

One of the most underrated benefits of signing up as a provider for an online platform is that they handle everything outside of you actually working with your clients. 

One of the biggest stressors of running your own practice is client acquisition. When you work with a platform like BetterHelp, though, this isn’t something you have to worry about. Already a brand that consumers know and trust, you get a steady stream of clients without having to spend a dime. 

You won’t have to worry about marketing to acquire new clients, handle billing issues, or spend all the ancillary time required to support and run your business. 

All you have to do is focus on counseling your clients, which is all you probably want to be doing anyway. 

All Technology is Provided

A common pain point of online counseling is keeping up to date with technology to ensure the software you’re using is HIPAA compliant, and the video chats you’re using are secure and safe. 

You can check this off your to-do list as well when you partner with an online platform; all the technology is already selected, provided for you, up-to-date- and secure. You’ll have everything you need to be empowered to excel at your craft. 

Signing up for BetterHelp

Interested in signing up for BetterHelp and supplementing your income? It’s easy. Follow this link here.