“The Great Move-Out:” Urban Professionals are Migrating and Rural Healthcare Employers Stand to Gain

This blog goes out to the big-city professionals who are fed up with paying too much to live close to the action. We’ve got some good news. 

During the pandemic, so many professionals just like you experienced a big change of heart. For years, they’ve been paying a premium to live close to the city. But during the lockdown, many were stuck working from their small, urban apartments, or worse, were laid off. Whatever the reason, and there were many, America’s professionals started to take an honest hard look at their situation. 

This sea change has created huge opportunities for the rural healthcare industry, especially for professionals looking for a promising career that aligns with their newfound priorities. But will it last? 

Was Big City Life All It’s Cracked Up to Be? 

Undoubtedly, city life has its perks and has a lot to offer. But one thing many people were weighing when considering a move was how often they actually took advantage of attractions in the city. And did it validate the high rents and tiny floor plans, the taxes, and the traffic?  

After taking a close look at their situation, many professionals concluded that they could live in a much less expensive area that had just as much to offer, but in different ways. 

Many professionals even realized that they were both working and living in places they didn’t really thrive in. Again, for many, the city is the place to be. But the pandemic was a real catalyst that rearranged the priorities of working professionals in a big way. And rural healthcare providers stand to gain. 

What “The Great Move-Out” Means for Rural Healthcare Employers 

Rural healthcare is a growing industry that could use your skills. Even if you don’t have a background in healthcare, there are a great deal of careers like Marketing Professionals, Executive Leadership, and the Regulatory Sector that could benefit from your expertise and a fresh perspective.  

More and more professionals are moving to the heartland and they’re finding that rural health is one of the few industries poised to offer much higher wage growth and better benefits than many other industries.  

Rural healthcare employers are on board. For years they’ve been struggling to find enough qualified talent in areas less densely populated than metropolitan hubs.

The Great Move-Out is not just a coincidence; it’s the result of years of struggle with the shortage. The pandemic may have been a catalyst, but the years of growth in rural health, largely due to the efforts to advance the industry and make its jobs more attractive is what has, for many, made a move possible. 

For example, the relocation perks and development programs in rural or non-urban healthcare facilities are almost unmatched. They’ve been designed to provide living subsidies to executive and professional candidates so they can relocate to areas with less dense populations. They’re focused on making healthcare the most lucrative, attractive industry in the nation.  

If you’re mulling over a change in location and you want to join an employer who knows the value of great talent, now is an ideal time to discover the wealth of executive and professional opportunities in healthcare. 

Can “The Great Move-Out” Last? 

The impact of the Great Move-Out in healthcare will likely be seen everywhere. With more professionals moving around the country, there will be opportunities for jobs all over the nation, resulting in great benefits and career growth. But will it lead to a “gold rush” for jobs? And how long will employers have the abundance of openings they do today? 

It’s anybody’s guess. But just like any rush, it’s better not to wait and find out later.  

One thing to keep in mind — the healthcare industry can be highly specific, with nuances and a way of doing business that’s different from other industries. Those candidates who can quickly adapt to the ins-and-outs of specific medical practices, learn how to leverage common goals, and make strong interpersonal connections will be the most successful. 

Contact HCRI for Your Next Big Move 

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