Terumo Expansion

Terumo BCT company logoA new report on Colorado-based Terumo BCT plans to expand its operations in their Ireland plant. The medical device company has a broad portfolio of products, including medical disposables, cardiovascular systems and diabetes care products. The expansion will bring an estimated 416 new positions to the Irish plant in Co Antrim, Larne. The medical device firm has plants in the US, Japan, India, Belgium and China, employing 4,700 people worldwide.

Troy Deppey, a senior executive at Terumo BCT, said: “The capability of the Larne facility is renowned throughout the company and our global markets so I am delighted that, with Invest NI’s support, we can grow this facility and really cement our presence here.

“Global demand for our products is increasing and the R&D activities in particular will enable us to tap into the skills and research base in order to develop new products and processes that will increase competitiveness and maintain our reputation for quality excellence.”

The company is also investing more than £2 million in two research and development projects in the northern Ireland facility, the first two projects of their kind undertaken by the firm at that location. See more here.