The anatomy of healthcare startups: An Infographic

Unbundling the body: the anatomy of healthcare startups in 2015-2016



Venture Capitalist activities within the Healthcare startups space has a total projected investment of $12.7B this year. In fact, there were 31 deals above $50M+ in the first half of 2015 (compared to 14 in the entirety of 2010). However, as the trends for IPO/M&A exits hit the highest levels within the last five years, exits in 2015 are projected to be cut in half, even though there were 4% more deals on the VC side.

chart showing trending VC funding in healthcare startups form 2010 to 2015 - HealthCare Recruiters International



list of healthcare companies going through IPO and M&A exits for 2015
Source: CB Insights