The State of Surgical Robotics Recruiting in 2021

It is easy to recall a time when we worried that automation in the medtech industry would make human workers irrelevant. For a while, that was a big if. But the good news is: robots are not out for our jobs. The opposite is true, actually.

Time and technology have proven that robots can’t quite replace the human touch. Rather, robotic technology is more a question of complementing human talent, not replacing it. And 20 years after the launch of the revolutionary medical robot, the Da Vinci system by Intuitive Surgical, the Da Vinci has become a staple medtech device in over 5,600 medical clinics worldwide.

While revolutionary and complementary to the field of medicine, the restrictive patent of the Da Vinci essentially nullified competition and innovation. Until last year, that is. 

In 2020, the patent for the Da Vinci expired. And now there is an acute boom in the field of medical robotics. What’s more – the boom is only amplified by the urgency to provide safer medical procedures in the age of covid.

The boom has led to massive investments and technological advancements in the medtech space. The technology now exists to make smaller and smaller tools that can operate with incredible precision. Some can even work on tissue as small as 1/10000th of an inch. Some “microbots” are even able to operate at the cellular level. With smaller robots, doctors are performing minimally invasive surgeries. Appendectomies can be done through two tiny incisions, leaving nothing but a band-aid.

The sense in the medtech space is the industry is expanding at such a rapid rate, we can barely keep up with it. That’s great news for patients. But it’s even better news for the talented labor essential to the manufacturing and operation of medical robots. The boom in the medtech space has created a parallel surge in demand for talent, without whom the robots would be obsolete.

Hospitals and medical clinics won’t just rely on doctors who can operate the controls. There is a long line of skilled workers in need whose contributions are essential to the industry. There are the engineers who design robots to fit in the palm of a doctor’s hand. There are the software developers who write the code to actuate the robot’s appendages and run the procedures. There are the machinists who create custom scalpels and syringes. And so on. 

It takes a full team, working in perfect concert, to produce successful results. And if you have the credentials to be on the team, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

Healthcare Recruiters International (HCRI)

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