How to Convince a Talented Healthcare Executive to Relocate

It can be difficult to staff a healthcare facility, especially with the shortage of qualified professionals plaguing the industry recently. Sometimes, getting the best staff available requires the relocation of your employees. However, convincing qualified employees to relocate can be a challenge as they may not be inclined to leave their homes and uproot their lives.

Fortunately, there are ways to entice your healthcare professionals to reconsider their stance on relocation in most cases. If you are having trouble getting your trusted employees to change locations, or even with getting qualified new hires to relocate to work at your place of business, consider these tips to entice them to reconsider.

Tip #1: Financial Incentives

Most often, professionals prefer the comfort and routines they have become accustomed to in their current homes and places of employment. Such comforts are seldom forfeited without good cause, especially when they have accumulated the resources they need to live comfortably. Asking them to relocate to a new area runs the risk of placing them in financial uncertainty about whether their salary will be sufficient to maintain a home and the other comforts and necessities they have come to enjoy.

To that end, one of the best methods for convincing an employee to relocate is to offer a salary boost. Specifically, research the average cost of living in the new location and compare it to the current salary of your executive.  This will help you to determine how much exactly you should consider enhancing your employee’s salary. Ensuring their salary will give them the same quality of life they have become accustomed to will make relocating a much more appealing prospect.

Hiring new employees who will have to relocate to work for you will require a similar degree of consideration. Going off the amount of money needed to ensure an individual can live comfortably in a location will account for a great deal in helping them decide to relocate.

Most banking advice concurs that workers should consider how much of a pay increase they will enjoy upon moving before making the call. So, if you want to get a qualified executive to move to help staff your place of business, consider giving them the financial motivation they will need to make this big decision without diminishing their quality of life.

Tip #2: Emphasize Growth

Another reason employees can be hesitant to relocate for a job involves the degree of clarity around their place in the office hierarchy. If an employee or potential hire is riding the fence about whether or not to move, consider explaining the potential for professional growth within the confines of your company’s hierarchy to motivate them.

Suppose an employee is assured that their relocation is more than just trading one backdrop for another but, instead, is the first step towards advancing in the company. In that case, they might be more inclined to move to advance themselves professionally. The idea that they are reaching new heights within the company can be a fantastic motivator, so being completely transparent about whether they will be advancing or not is crucial to convincing them to take that leap of faith.

Wrapping Up

It will never be simple to convince executives to change locales for the sake of a job. Few people will be immediately willing to relocate if they are already comfortably established where they are.

Offering financial and growth incentives will always be excellent motivators for employees, both old and new, and will help ensure your most talented executives are willing to go wherever they are needed.

That said, if you find yourself having trouble getting your executives to relocate, you might need help fielding new hires with the same skillset who are willing to move. If that is the case, contact us at HCRI, where finding you the best possible talent is our specialty.