What Are the Most Desirable Job Benefits for Nurses?

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical world. In some circles, the doctors receive the lion’s share of the credit, while nurses take on the tasks that your average doctor would be unable or unwilling to complete. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, nurses were forced to step up and take a massive risk to bring the quality level of care to patients who were highly contagious with the novel Coronavirus. Yet, despite this heroism on their part, nurses remain an underappreciated group in the medical field. As a result, they have begun petitioning for the recognition they so rightfully deserve.

Consequently, staffing nurses in many clinics has become extremely difficult, primarily due to the lack of recognition translating to a lack of associated benefits. Simply put, providing nursing staff with the benefits they have earned is the first step in making your clinic a more welcoming environment for nurses.

Incentives and Benefit Systems

In this competitive space, it’s not realistic to expect to convince nurses to staff your company without adding an incentive. The fact is the days of short-changing nurses on benefits was becoming a thing of the past long before the pandemic hit and changed the world as we know it.

In recent days, most full-time nurses were already enjoying major benefits since 2015. However, different types of nurses have varying benefits, with certain nurses enjoying more benefits than others. For example, a licensed practical nurse (LPN/LVN) gets fewer benefits than a registered nurse (RN), which in turn gets fewer benefits than an advanced practice nurse (APN). This benefit difference is likely because APNs are better trained than LPNs and RNs, which warrants better benefits in the eyes of healthcare administrators.

The benefit caste systems extant in healthcare has become a massive point of contention for nurses for years now. It has only seen recent changes due to the nursing crisis that had already gripped the nation. The COVID-19 crisis, combined with the recent layoffs of nurses, has resulted in a far more competitive climate for hiring nursing staff.

Common Benefits That Nurses Seek

The benefits sought by nursing staff are no different from benefits sought after by employees of any other industry. Such benefits include paid vacation, health insurance, or even educational reimbursement. These benefits are most sought after because they help nurses maintain quality of life and ensure they can support themselves financially without dipping into their savings. To show some statistics, here are some common benefits nurses seek.

Paid time off, a coveted benefit, allows nurses to take leave time when they are ill or simply need a vacation without worrying about falling behind on their bills. Of the overall number of full-time nurses, 92% enjoy paid time off. Broken down, 84% of LPNs, 93% of RNs, and 91% of APNs get paid time off.

Another highly sought-after benefit is health insurance coverage, allowing nurses to enjoy medical treatment without incurring too much medical debt. The overall number of nurses that receive insurance benefits is 87%. This total is comprised of 74% of LPNs, 88% of RNs, and 85% of APNs.

Another commonly offered benefit for healthcare staff is malpractice insurance. Such insurance helps protect nurses and doctors when it comes to legal fees when a medical facility is sued for loss of life or errors during procedures. This insurance comes with a massive premium that can leave most professionals struggling to pay. If your facility provides such insurance for a reasonable price, you will find most nurses eager to sign on. Especially since 71% of APNs enjoy such insurance while only 13% of RNs and 11% of LPNs do.

The most stunning statistic is the 9% of LPNs receiving no benefits whatsoever, left to fend for themselves. The lack of benefits for nurses can lead to a lack of motivation for professionals to accept positions that will not offer them the resources they need to survive.

Wrapping Up

There is a war for nursing staff, with résumés offered to the highest bidders who will offer the benefits nurses expect. Nurses have proven themselves vital after the COVID-19 pandemic, and finding the talent you need can be difficult. If you are struggling to find qualified nurses even with the offer of benefits, you should contact us at Healthcare Recruiters International. We excel at finding top-tier healthcare talent for clinics in need. Contact us today and see how we can help you to help the world.