Google Glass – Changing Physician Day-to-Day

Google Glass & Physician's DayThe integration of Google Glass into hospitals has begun and is testing favorably for better utilizing physician time. Augmedix, the first Google Glass based start-up, has recently finished its pilot study with Google technology within hospitals, and the results could change physician-patient relationships.

Physicians at Dignity Health’s Ventura Medical Clinics increased time spent with patients from 35 percent in a day to 70 percent. The adjustments in time allocation largely came from the reduced time spent in front of computers entering and adjusting patient records and medical codes.

With technology inputting, recording, and retrieving patient records, doctors can focus more on the quality of care they provide. Hospitals spend too much on physicians for them to be in front of computers as opposed to caring for patients. The success of their recent study has raised $7.3 million in new funding for Augmedix.

Google Glasses have found other ways into the hospital setting: Phillips has partnered with Google and Accenture to provide doctors the ability to monitor patient vitals on their glasses while they perform operations. The question will become how will regulations be developed for Google Glass in healthcare, and how much will it cost? At $1,500 a pair, plus whatever applications will cost, hospital leaders will be forced to determine the value of increased physician-patient time.

How could increased doctor-patient time change the quality of your hospital’s care?