Amazon entering Digital Health?

Amazon enters Digital Health?With Amazon’s 200 million user count, their entrance into digital health would start with a large potential consumer base. The most concrete evidence is from the FDA’s meetings calendar, in which “Amazon Leadership” was penciled in for July 22nd. It is unclear what Amazon is looking to produce, be it health applications or wearables, but they have the resources to enter either. Furthermore, Dr. Babak Parviz, who helped developed a contact lens that read blood-sugar levels at Google, moved to Amazon in July for an un-named position.

Amazon is not the first major company outside of the healthcare industry to inquire with the FDA recently; Apple and Google have also met with the FDA for insights into their regulation plans for health apps. The FDA seems to be more concerned with how apps are marketed and their intended use.

How would Amazon’s, and others, entrance into the healthcare industry influence a $2.8 trillion dollar market? For more on the story, click here.


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