Top 10 Biotech Jobs

Below is a list of what we determined to be the Top 10 Biotech Jobs. According to MAPI, the pharmaceutical industry alone is projected to grow 4% by 2015, which helps to explain why biotech job demand has continued to rise. Job requirements range from Associate’s degrees up to PhD’s, allowing for a range of professional qualifications and opportunities to enter the Biotech job market.  The jobs are listed alphabetically: Top 10 Biotech Jobs

Biochemists & Biophysicists:

Job responsibilities are top study the relationship between organisms and their environment. This application is being used more and more in pharmaceuticals and their development, explaining the rapid demand and growth in the field.

– Median Pay: $81,480

– Number of Jobs: 29,200

– Job Outlook: 19% growth

Biological Technicians:

Biological Technicians assist medical scientists in conducting new drug tests, however, only requires a bachelor’s degree, as opposed to a PhD for medical scientists. Yet, as the demand for medical scientists grows, so to will Biological Technician demand.

– Median Pay: $39,750

– Number of Jobs: 80,200

– Job Outlook: 10% growth

Biomedical Engineers:

Biomedical engineering is simply applying engineering principles to medical and biological problems. Biomedical engineers work in universities, hospitals, and various institutions to find ways to increase patient care and effectiveness. This is one of the highest paying jobs on our list for those that only require a bachelor’s degree.

– Median Pay: $86,960

– Number of Jobs: 19,400

– Job Outlook: 27% growth

Bioproduction Operators:

Operators are in charge of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping finished products depending on each companies specifications. Quality assurance and responsibility over what is shipped from processing plants also lies under this job title.

Chemical Technicians:

Chemical Technicians specialize in using instruments and techniques that assist biomedical engineers and chemists conduct testing. Only requiring an Associate’s degree, entrance into the chemical technician field is practical, and worth the time.

– Median Pay: $42,920

– Number of Jobs: 63,600

– Job Outlook: 9% growth


The main responsibility for epidemiologists is to identify and study the patterns of diseases and unhealthy trends among humans. Studying large samples, epidemiologists look for solutions and preventions of unhealthy patterns and look for ways to decrease them.

– Median Pay: $65,270

– Number of Jobs: 5,100

– Job Outlook: 10% growth

Medical & Clinical Lab Technologists & Technicians:

Medical & Clinical lab technologists & Technicians are responsible for collecting and testing body samples (fluids, tissue, etc.). As the population continues to age, testing for diabetes, cancer, and other ailments will continue to increase, rapidly increasing the demand for lab technologists & Technicians.

– Median Pay: $47,820

– Number of Jobs: 325,800

– Job Outlook: 22% growth

 Medical Scientists:

In short, medical scientists develop and test new drugs aimed at improving human health. According to the BLS, increased demand for medical scientists is being fueled by: A growing reliance on pharmaceuticals, a larger aging population, as well as a greater understanding of biological processes.

– Median Pay: $76, 980

– Number of Jobs: 103,100

– Job Outlook: 13% growth

 R&D and Process Development Scientists:

Process development scientists oversee the processes associated with product manufacturing and development. Demand is increasing in the pharmaceutical industry as it continues to grow and require process overview.

– Median Pay: &79,785

– Job Outlook: 8% growth

Regulatory QA/QC Biomanufacturing Specialists:

Biomanufacturing specialists oversee the entirety of project operations to ensure all requirements are met and process are operating properly. Ultimately oversees that new products make it to market.

– Median Pay: QA/QC Engineer: $84,652

Regulatory Affairs: $73,925

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