Healthcare Cloud Adoption

Healthcare IT in the United States is growing rapidly, and according to Frost & Sullivan, the healthcare cloud market is one of the fastest growing. According to the report, cloud market penetration will increase 10%-30% through 2020 as healthcare systems look to increase efficiency in data management, storage, collection, and sharing. What this ultimately equates to is a growth from a $903.1 million market in 2013, to roughly $3.54 billion by 2020.

The survey identified major drivers of healthcare big data, as well as limitations:


  • Increase of Government initiatives for EHR and health information sharing
  • Rise of chronic disease management & remote patient monitoring
  • Conversion of capital expenses to operational expenses


  • Questionable reliability of cloud service providers in meeting provisions of service level agreements
  • Lack of standardization in legacy systems leads to cumbersome & expensive data migration efforts
  • Concerns on management of safety & security of patient healthcare information

An interesting point is brought up in the availability of tech support for cloud services from their providers. Has your healthcare organization invested in a healthcare cloud system? For the report, click here.


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