Infographic – Top Healthcare Trends 2015

The folks over at eVisit have aptly summarized some of the key shifts and trends we are expecting to see in the next year. Building from our earlier post about fast growing employment trends, the infographic below will expand this snapshot to include telehealth/Healthcare in the cloud, immediate impacts of the ACA, and the continuing role mHealth will have on our healthcare system. Even this past few weeks President Barak Obama has pledged to ask congress for over $200M toward a precision medicine imitative, which will, among other things, gather millions of bits of data to “allow scientists, physicians and other public and private sector organizations to “study and improve health outcomes, fuel the development of new treatments, and catalyze a new era of data-based medical treatment.” 

What are some of the shifts your organization is facing? Does the information below make for a more efficient, more innovative healthcare economy? Let us know in the comments. Here are the top healthcare trends of 2015:

Infographic: Top Healthcare Trends of 2015