Recruiting: When Should You Seek Help?

It is critical for companies to identify when they should conduct internal versus external recruiting to avoid the impact of position vacancies or bad hires. In the article from Entrepreneur, the ability to identify the appropriate scenario to hire a recruiter is critical to maintaining company operations, and in a sense, company brand.

Scenarios in which internal recruiting is possible depends on repetitiveness of filling the position, whether or not it is a routine hire, accessibility to potential hires, or when you are unsure of what you are looking for in a candidate. All of these, of course are easier to conduct than specialized or certified employee searches.

For position fillings that extend beyond the available resources for companies, it is critical to conduct a retained search through a recruiter:

  • The more important the position to company operations, the more screening and outreach must be applied, which is work better given to a recruiting firm.
  • It is important to prevent job searches from deterring productivity for your employees, as focus on specialized searches can incur large amounts of lost company productivity.
  • Next, if position searches are highly specialized, your firm may not know where to find candidates, leading to frustration and prolonged hire processes.
  • Finally, when you lose candidates to other companies after repeated interviews, hiring a professional in attracting talent will increase your hiring power.

As an end note, being able to identify when a general recruiter, or specialize/niche recruiter is necessary is equally is important. In healthcare, where there are countless certifications and qualifications that are necessary, handing off responsibility for retained job searches is consistently a beneficial decision.

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