VMS Systems – A Snapshot (2014)

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) is a potential shortcut for the healthcare hiring process utilized by some hospitals and recruiting firms. In analyzing the effectiveness and satisfaction of companies who use a VMS system, we found some interesting articles and their opinions on the systems’ ability to accommodate healthcare facility’s needs.

  • Healthcare Finance News (April 4th, 2014): VMS systems provide a secure way to find hires that are qualified given specific certifications, experience, etc. The article also focused on the monitoring of current staff and the safety of patients as staff is keen on identifying visitor badges.
  • Staffing Industry Analysts (2013): Focusing on small and midsized hospitals, this article noted the shortcomings of VMS system adoption, and the one-sidedness hospitals become restricted to. Staffing is encouraged to operate outside of strict place-filling guidelines, and avoid the fees associated with training staff top use another software program.
  • The Health Care Blog (May 29th, 2014): Better Health CEO Val Jones, M.D., provides a numbered list of the hiring risks hospitals takes through a VMS system. Included are the risks of candidates entering inaccurate or false information in order to get further into the hiring process, which ultimately leads to a bad hire, or no hire at all with lost resources attached. Jones also notes the legal ramifications of hiring falsely qualified candidates, which further raises expenses for healthcare facilities.

The necessity for a VMS system fluctuates depending on the hiring situation, but it is appropriate to understand when they should be used, and know if the companies you work with are using them. This could save you money and reduce the possibility of a bad hiring experience. What are your experiences with VMS systems?