Social Media in Health Care

Healthcare Global recently published an article pinpointing the top 5 reasons health care providers are empowered by social media. Instant feedback can benefit both patients and health organizations is a major take away, as it pushes for more direct and immediate connectivity between patients and their physicians. Developing a social media platform between physicians and patients seems difficult, but is being done.

An example of social media enhanced healthcare is demonstrated by Hello Health, a Brooklyn-based concierge-practice, whose HIPAA-compliant, paperless operations have become increasingly cost-effective due to its communications tools. Dr. Jay Parkinson, a physician for Hello Health, notes “Our profession, at its core, is fundamentally flawed relative to how today’s world communicates and functions… [The] infrastructure of health care needs a total repair from the ground up.”.

How can social media be further implemented into health care without running the risk of compromising patient privacy? Furthermore, is it possible for large social media platforms to figure out a way to become HIPAA-compliant?

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