Health IT – CA Bill to Promote Growth

Healthcare is turning to technology to compensate for the tightening of facility budgets, and increased demand for quality health services as new legislation takes hold. Health IT is exploding: expected to create 50,000 new jobs, and provide critical support for hospital operations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects health IT to expand 22% over the next 10 years, higher than the average job growth of other fields. But is there a workforce of 50,000 applicants qualified to work in health IT?

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill this week that will allow community colleges to grant four-year degrees in vocational fields, which includes health IT. This is the first time California community colleges will grant degrees beyond two-year associate’s degrees; a major step in California education, and the ability to supply a qualified workforce for a rapidly expanding field.

Senate Bill No. 850 will allow students and hospitals the ability to build a quality workforce for roughly $10,000, an investment lower than most four-year degrees in California , but will still provide a critical function to healthcare operations. Steps like these are what will help correct the trillion-dollar healthcare deficit, and allow hospitals and workforce to benefit.

Average 4-year Degree Price in CA:

  • Community College: $10,000 (projected)
  • 4-year College: $51,072

Quality and population health will be the new norms in healthcare, and healthcare IT will be the catalyst for facilities to accomplish them. Workforce preparedness is as important as hospital preparedness in adapting to new policies, and embracing the healthcare industry of today.