4 Strategies to Recruit BCBA Talent in a Challenging Market

Board-certified behavioral analysts (BCBAs) can be a challenging role to fill. Healthcare is more important than ever following the COVID-19 pandemic, with the recent uptick in mental health issues like depression and anxiety. As a result, the professionals who work to mitigate these conditions are in high demand, and recruiting can be highly competitive.

To attract the talent you need to staff your BCBA, you need to distinguish your clinic and offer options that the others cannot. Finding ways to set your clinic apart from others is vital to make working for you more appealing.

Here are some strategies you can employ.

#1: Employ an Involved Recruitment Method

All too often, clinics and companies favor using semi-automated recruitment methods like Indeed or other job listing websites to employ new talent. As a result, employment efforts have become a passive event rather than an active one. One of the most effective ways to make working for a clinic more appealing is establishing an active rapport with the applicant. Getting to know the kind of person they are and how they conduct themselves will not only give you insight into what kind of employee they will make and how they will mesh with the environment your clinic provides.

#2: Do Not Limit Your Options

Most employers prefer to seek new employees that are local to where they are based. Doing so, they cut themselves off from potential recruits in other states that would be able to offer the skill and quality they need. So, if you are looking to hire a BCBA for your clinic, reaching out to out-of-state candidates will vastly increase your pool of potential hires. Of course, if you find the perfect candidate out of state, you might need to entice them to relocate, but doing so can be highly rewarding.

#3: Work to Prove Your Practice

Most established BCBAs will want to work at a clinic that befits their skills and knowledge. There are ways to establish your practice as a top-level practice. The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence Accreditation serves as a list and identifier of trusted and high-quality behavioral health providers. Through them, you can work and apply to have your practice placed on its accredited list of providers and distinguish it to your prospective hires. Having your practice listed on the BHCEA will attract qualified professionals to work for such a distinguished practice.

#4: Do Not Rely on Traditional Education

Traditional education has been a frequently used qualifier by businesses for years despite experience being gained through less conventional means. In fact, there are even academic programs that allow aspiring behavioral professionals to substitute entry-level work experience as the qualifications they need to acquire an advanced degree. Some individuals have certified themselves for behavioral work, worked effectively, and became BCBAs through these unorthodox experiences. Do not discount them since their experience can make them one of the most valuable employees you could want.

HealthCare Recruiters International (HCRI)

Hiring is becoming more and more of an employee’s market rather than an employer’s market. So, it has become more important than ever to appeal to the candidates so skilled professionals are not scooped up by other practices willing to do just that. However, even if you go the extra mile, you might still struggle to find the talent you need.

If that is the case, contact us at HCRI. We have made it our goal to find the best-qualified talent we can and help them find employment in clinics where they can be of the greatest benefit. If you need skilled BCBA talent, contact us today, and let us see how we can help you.