4 Challenges Unique to Healthcare Hiring

Patients across the United States put their lives in the hands of healthcare professionals every single day. Because of this reality, those that recruit healthcare professionals have a profound responsibility when delivering candidates to client organizations looking to hire. Outside of medical demands, technological demands are also having an impact when it comes to healthcare hiring. After the Great Recession, the industry is beginning to move towards a candidate-centric economy and the industry’s employment rate is projected to grow by up to 19% until 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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As a firm that specializes exclusively in Healthcare Recruiting, we’ve seen first-hand how grueling the task can be. When it comes to recruiting top professionals, every industry has it’s nuances and challenges. In Healthcare, those challenges tend to be magnified for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the top recruiting challenges that are unique to the Healthcare hiring: Learn more about the cost of a bad hire.


Curing Healthcare Recruitment Challenges

The bottom line is that your candidates will likely have multiple options when looking for a new position. They may even be acutely aware that the market demand outstrips supply. The reality is that candidates need recruiters less than recruiters need them. Even if you manage to get that sought after candidate on the phone, that’s only half the battle. Here’s why.

It’s unrealistic to assume that they won’t find countless other opportunities, as healthcare candidates are one of the most valuable commodities in healthcare today. As you search for talent, it’s critical that you keep the attention and focus of your candidates. However, this takes a lot of skill and is one reason why so many organizations reach out to recruiting firms like us. A recruiting firm can assist you in telling a compelling story about any job opening to compel candidates to take action. The key isn’t necessarily sourcing or engagement, it’s more about having a great narrative that is going to speak to healthcare professionals aspirations and inspire them, according to Recruiting Daily.

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