How Med Tech Companies Can Attract Talent Like a Tech Company

When it comes to attracting talent to Silicon Valley, the allure is all there; fancy campuses, cushy office perks, venture capitalists throwing money around like it grows on trees, you get the point. Everyone in tech wants to go to Silicon Valley. It’s a place that actively promotes having the best technology with the best opportunities.

So if you’re a med tech company seeking to fill roles, how can you compete with the Silicon Valley-esque tech companies when attracting talent?

Offering unique benefits such as flexible schedules, relocation packages, and remote work all have their place in attracting talent within this competitive tech talent pool, but you can take it a step further.

Don’t Let Turnover Affect Your Hiring Decisions

It may sound crazy but hear me out. In the world of technology, rapid innovation means a continual need for new talent. If you are pushing the envelope for creating new medical technologies, the talent will come. Don’t look at turnover as a bad thing; look at it as a chance to get better.

A lot of tech talent differs from other candidates you’ll hire from different fields. Some of the best and brightest within tech are job hoppers, but not for the same reasons everyone else is. They want to work with the latest technology and want to push innovation — embrace this.

Promote a Tech-Forward Company Culture

Promoting a tech-forward culture will show your candidates what their future has the potential to look like. Use current examples of candidates you brought in that have gone on to management-level positions, leading teams within your organization.

Again, bringing in the latest technology to entice people to join your team will prove immensely beneficial. Even if you can’t afford the latest innovative tools, investing in your technology stack so that it is current, relevant and enticing is a key to attracting many tech candidates.

Not Everyone Is Going to Be A Perfect Fit, And That’s OK

In a tight market for talent, you must look for transferable skills that will equate to the role you’re looking to fill. This doesn’t mean taking someone that is less qualified; it means taking the person you believe will be the best fit.

Sometimes you must think outside of the box. As Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix pointed out in a recent article, “Making great hires is about recognizing great matches—and often they’re not what you’d expect.” Sometimes you need to dig deeper to find what your team truly needs.

Separate Yourself from The Rest of the Field

Medical technology is an industry with enormous potential. Simply stated, this industry provides products, services, and solutions to help improve and save people’s lives. Not many industries can say they do that — use this to your advantage when attracting med tech candidates.

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