How to Win the Fight for Med Tech Talent

Medical technology (med tech) is currently one of the most important industries in the world as it contributes to keeping people alive and healthy. With segments of our population such as baby boomers aging and requiring care and advances in technology, this industry is expected to continue to rise.  

Med tech touches a wide swath of the healthcare industry including biotechnologypharmaceuticalsinformation technology, and the development of medical devices and equipment. Attracting candidates in the med tech sector is an endeavor that faces stiff competition. The lure of Silicon Valley and a tight labor market create a difficult landscape to operate within.  

In order to win the fight for med tech talent, you must leverage every available resource you can.  

Know Your Target Job Applicant 

Remember Elmer Fudd? You don’t want to be like him and miss all the job applicants firing off in all different directions. Shoot straight and target the specific job applicant to the role you’re posting.  

Learning candidate personas will help in understanding what applicants want. Knowing this will bring you one step closer to attracting the right candidate to your company. So, what is a candidate persona?  

A candidate persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal job applicant. Krysta Williams of ZoomInfo explains that standard candidate persona is not only derived from data on work history, skills, qualifications and education, but also characteristics like personality traits, career goals, soft skills, and sometimes even employment preferences.  

Knowing candidate personas will help build a breakdown of each candidate and help avoid missteps along the recruiting pathway.  

Optimizing Your Job Search 

Optimizing your job search is like applying fertilizer when growing new grass. The more optimizing you do, the greater your outreach of applicants will be.  


Keywords are the glue that binds it all together. One way to combat competition is by using keyword phrases in your job postings. They should be specific, not general. One way to help with this is to use the Google AdWords Keyword tool.     


Your website is the first place a candidate will go to research your company. Is your “Above the Fold” specific to what you do? Or do you have a bunch of industry jargon that fills space? Cleaning up your website for first impressions is an excellent exercise to employ.   


Everyone searches on the main job posting boards (Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder). But it’s more likely that med tech applicants are searching on engineering and technology websites. Dice for technology and BioSpace for biotech are two great options to centralize your search.  

Working with a Specialized Recruiter 

Working with a specialized recruiter is tapping into another resource to help find that perfect candidate. Imagine picking up the phone and speaking with someone that knows the industry you’re trying to place inside and out, understands the candidate persona, frequents niche job boards and has a candidate talent pool to tap into. Sound nice?  

With Healthcare Recruiters International, our recruiters have experience working in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare-focused businesses to properly understand all your staffing needs.  

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