Technology Helping to Mold the Patient-Centric Approach

The healthcare industry has long existed as a fee-for-service system that offers a very black and white relationship between doctor and patient. The doctor assumes the expert viewpoint, delivers an assessment, and prescribes the medicine. The patient walks into a clinic, is called into a doctor’s room, gets fifteen minutes with the doctor, and pays the bill on their way out. However, this is changing.

A new method has evolved due to changes in society and technology, and that’s the patient-centric approach.

From the Cleveland-Clinic: “Healthcare is changing. Patient needs are changing. Government regulation is changing. With an evolving landscape and overwhelming expectations, Cleveland Clinic has begun a transformation of its healthcare system that meets the needs of this changing environment.”

We live in a consumer-driven world, and healthcare organizations have taken notice. With the help of technology, these organizations are now able to offer a patient-centric approach to healthcare that will help lower costs and empower patients.  

A Patient-Centered Approach

The patient-centric approach is all about giving the patient what they want – technology is paving the way. Here are some MedTech advancements helping empower patients:

  • Telehealth
  • Virtual Reality Tools
  • Wearable Biometric Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Radio-frequency Identification
  • Health and Telemedicine Apps

A recent article from George Washington University regarding the future of healthcare notes, “Cultural shifts, cost of care and policy adjustments have contributed to a more patient-empowered shift in care over the last century. Technological advancements contribute to a shift in our patient-centered healthcare system.”

Connecting the Doctor with the Patient

By adding new tools and healthcare alternatives such as telemedicine, physician reviews, and price comparison tools, this adds convenience and transparency to the overall healthcare experience. This technology has given patients a bridge to connect them with their doctor.

With telehealth technology, patients are now able to ask doctors questions over a web portal, giving them direct access to the doctor to ask about overall wellness concerns; this has overwhelmingly improved patient satisfaction. Patients can now access appointment notes, view test results and even request a prescription refill.

The Right Solution

Navigating through the healthcare industry can be cumbersome for some patients. With healthcare costs rising, giving patients a more pleasant experience will help reduce stress levels. When it comes to those that have trouble paying bills, 73 percent cut back on groceries, clothing or rent. Anything that can be done to help these patients is a welcomed response.

Convenience and ease of access aren’t the only things MedTech can accomplish. It’s also helping to bring down costs. By giving patients the ability to track and be engaged in their care easily, this brings down costs by preventing catastrophic illnesses. 

Evolving with HCRI

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